This guide describes how to register a 2.4GHz LoRaWAN Gateway in a LORIOT V7 OSPREY Network Server. Basic, user level knowledge of LORIOT LNS is required, only the 2.4GHz specific information shared in this guide.

Please note, LoRaWAN at 2.4GHz is not supported by the LoRa Alliance. Implementation is based on SEMTECH Layer2 specification and reference design. For technical information, see References section at the end of this guide.

If you need help, first check the Online Documentation of the LNS at If you still need help, contact LORIOT Technical Support at

Gateway Registration

Check in the Gateway Catalogue whether a LORIOT Packet Forwarder (binary) is available for your model. If it is supported, follow the installation instructions on the screen. If a LORIOT binary is not yet available, choose the generic SEMTECH UDP Packet Forwarder:

For instructions how to configure the Packet Forwarder see here: Packet Forwarder Semtech

When the Gateway is registered, change Region to GLOBAL and add 2.4GHz band. If there is another plan assigned already, remove it:

Now the Gateway is ready for use.

3 Channel Plan

Current implementation does not support ADR.