LORIOT Gateway Software log -f

Gateway logs can be found in the /var/log directory or can be checked by running the LORIOT Gateway Software with -f

To check the the binary log please do the following:

SSH into your gateway console.

Check the running LORIOT processes:

ps ax | grep loriot  # this will list background running LORIOT processes

ps ax | grep pkt  # this will list possible background running packet forwarder process

Please take into consideration that the commands can be different depends on the Linux version on your hardware so as an alternative you can use these commands too:

ps | grep lor
ps | grep pkt

Kill the background running LORIOT processes:

kill <PID> # kill PID until there is only one process in the list

Go to LORIOT directory on the gateway:

cd /user/lrt


cd /opt/lrt

Run LORIOT agent manually:

./loriot-gw -f

If required as part of a LORIOT Support Ticket please send us the console output.