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AllthingsTalk Configuration

 Log in to your AllThingsTalk Account at

a)  Select the "+CONNECT A DEVICE" button.

b) Filter for LoRa Devices, then select “Your own LoRa device".

c) On the next screen select LORIOT and click "Choose".

LORIOT Configuration

➜ Log in to your LORIOT Account and select the "Applications" menu

a) Select the "Devices" sub-menu and then the Device you wish to add in AllthingsTalk.

b) Copy the DevEUI and AppEUI from the Device Details page as later we will paste this in to "New Device" section of the AllthingsTalk platform. 

c) Select the LoRaWAN Parameters menu and also copy the AppKey.

Make sure you copy the whole key, by clicking the eye icon to unhide the key.

✔ Now we need to return to the AllthingsTalk platform to register the device.

AllThingsTalk Device Provisioning

➜ Select "New Device" and fill the following fields with the copied information from the LORIOT user interface. 

  • Device name (can be anything)

  • Device EUI

  • Application EUI

  • Application Key

Your device is now provisioned with AllThingsTalk.

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