Application Log 

The Application Log displays a maximum of 1000 log entries of the LORIOT Application, and provides an overview of the communication between devices and the Application Server.

Filters can be applied to narrow down or expand your search results:

  • Choose the date and time range at the top of the page
  • Enter the DevEUI to search for messages sends/receives from a specific device
  • Enter an event type
  • Select the severity of the event (see below information in more detail)

Once you have set the filters according to your preference, click Search.



All device log entries are displayed based on the choosen date and time range. The search results consider the entered DevEUI and/or Event Type, as well.


Debug events can only be seen by Server Operators when debug mode is activated. It shows additional information related to the connection status and data traffic.


Info events relate to essential details about the communication between the device and the network server (e.g., Data Uplink, successful HTTP Request) where no actions are required.


Notice events refer to updates/modifications requested by the user or the system affecting the application and the registered devices. 


This type of events warn about abnormalities detected in the communication between device and network server (e.g., uplink data frame was lost).


Error events relate to failures of connection occurring between the device and the network server  (e.g., Unsuccessful HTTP request).