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✔ Within the user interface you can send downlinks from the Device Details page and downlinks can be enabled in the device dashboard

a) Initially follow the steps to the WebSocket Sample Application in the Send Downlinks via WebSocket Sample Application

b) Once the Websocket Sample Application is opened, click the Send Data to Device button at the top: 

c) Enter the DevEUI of the device to which you wish to send the data, plus the port number and payload.

➜ Click Send to Device

d) The downlink will be shown in the list with this tag: (enqueued for sending)

This means that the downlink has been successfully enqued, and will be sent after the device sends an uplink (when its downlink window is available). 

Select this box to get confirmation from the device in case of a successful downlink.

This box helps you with sending multiple downlinks to the same device. When ticked, the DevEUI and the Port fields will keep their data after clicking Send to Device, so you will have to input the payload only.

If you have enqueued downlinks that you would no longer like to send to the device, you can simply clear the downlink queue.

To do this, follow these steps:

a) Navigate to Applications > Your Application > Devices > Your Device > LoRaWAN Parameters

b) Scroll down to the bottom, and click the "Clear downlink queue" button. 

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