A Confirmed Downlink Message is a message where a LoRaWAN network is requesting a LoRaWAN end device to confirm reception of its message.

This is most often in critical use cases where action needs to be taken, for instance with a fire alarm or security breach, or a specific action needs to be confirmed.

The LoRaWAN Network Server sends a message requesting confirmation the device has been received. The device will transmit an acknowledgment (ACK) typically with its next data uplink message to save data and battery life or it may send a MAC-only uplink message carrying no data payload to confirm the uplink as soon as possible, however this depends on the device programming by the vendor/manufacturer.

If the network server receives the next uplink message from that end-point without the ACK flag, it will consider the previous downlink message lost.

How to send a Confirmed Downlink via UI

Log into your LORIOT account

Navigate to Application > Devices > choose the device that you want to send an downlink with a confirmation request.

In the left side panel choose “Downlinks”.

Choose the port, priority and payload.

Select the “Request confirmation” button

Click “Send to device”.

Sending a Confirmed Downlink via API

When sending data via API you can set confirmed field to true and make the format as on this link: Downlink Data Message

For information on how to send Downlinks via API see this link: Send Downlinks via API