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We have built up a geographically distributed infrastructure of LoRaWAN™ servers delivering low-latency access to our services anywhere in the world.

With our 13 Network Servers, LORIOT runs the one of the largest LoRaWAN™ infrastructures in the world to guarantee low latency, high availability and great performance to our community of users.

✔ Community Public Servers are available in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, South Africa, India, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia.


What is a Community Account?

Start a private project, experiment with a Proof-of-Concept or simply to try it out LORIOT, the Community Account provides connectivity for your LoRaWAN® solution on 13 globally distributed Community Public Servers.

Community Accounts are completely FREE without a time limit and include the following benefits:

Community Account Benefits


  • 10 Devices
  • 1 Application
  • 1 Gateway

Supported Standard Features

  • Fully LoRaWAN® 1.0.x and LoRaWAN® 1.1 compliant

  • LoRaWAN Class A, B & C support
  • OTAA & ABP support
  • ADR support
  • Uplinks & Downlinks
  • Multicast
  • Many different IoT platform & cloud integrations
  • Multiple Application Output
  • Gateway integration with the LORIOT packet forwarder or the Semtech basic packet forwarder

Account Registration

To create a Community Account, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Go to
  • Select one of the LORIOT Community Public Servers in your region
  • Select "Register a new account"
  • Fill out the required fields
  • Click on "Create a Free Account"

➜ Once you've completed the previous step, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail.

➜ Simply click on the hyperlink to activate your account

User Dashboard

After activation you will be able to access your account credentials. Once you log in, you will be greeted by the landing page of the dashboard which provides a general overview of your account. 


Here you can easily access your account details, networks, applications, plus our support channels by navigating the menu on the left.

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