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This Section contains initial basic information to create a new Application.

After Completing these steps please see the Application section for more details on network configuration and features.

What is an Application?

✔ Applications are simply where we register, manage and organize devices and select the output destination for the device data. 

➜ When adding a new device(s), it is assigned to an application, this informs the server of the application your device(s) are registered within and the details of your chosen data output.  

➜ As long as the total number of devices doesn't exceed the user's account limit, any number of devices can be added to an application no matter the sensor type or manufacturer.

➜ Typically, an application will contain all the devices of a specific use case (e.g. all sensors in a smart building) or devices of the same type (e.g. temperature sensors).


General definition:

  • A group of end-nodes
  • Defines ownership of end-nodes & end-node data
  • Defines where to data is forwarded
  • Controls access to data
  • Controls verbosity of data & enabled features

End-node provisioning:

  • Generate end-node personalization data
  • Enroll existing DevEUI
  • Import OTAA device
  • Import ABP device
  • Bulk import in CSV / JSON

Examples of additional features:

  • Enable / disable features
  • Data Output configuration
  • Device management
  • Event logging
  • Data download
  • Application Logs

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