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This Section contains initial basic information to create a new network.

After Completing these steps please see the Network section for more details on network configuration and features.

What is a Network?

✔ Networks are simply a collection of LoRaWAN gateways, and provide an efficient environment to monitor and manage your gateways.

➜ When adding a new gateway, it needs to be assigned to a network, It can be either by itself or with a collection of other gateways.

➜ A typical method to group gateways into networks is by geographic location, model, client, or what ever structure works best for you.

➜ There are no restriction to how many gateways can be included in a network (as long as within account gateway limit), but each gateway can only belong to a single network.


General definition:

  • A group of gateways
  • Defines location, model, status etc. 
  • Defines roaming 
  • Provides an overview to monitor and manage gateways

Gateway provisioning:

  • Enables gateway provisioning
  • Download gateway specific binary software
  • Gateway location parameters

Examples of additional features:

  • Enable / disable features
  • Gateway data stream tap

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