This Section contains initial basic information to create a new network.

After Completing these steps please see the Network section for more details on network configuration and features.

What is a Network?

Networks are simply a collection of LoRaWAN gateways, and provide an efficient environment to monitor and manage your gateways.

When adding a new gateway, it needs to be assigned to a network, It can be either by itself or with a collection of other gateways.

A typical method to group gateways into networks is by geographic location, model, client, or what ever structure works best for you.

There are no restriction to how many gateways can be included in a network (as long as within account gateway limit), but each gateway can only belong to a single network.

General definition:

  • A group of gateways
  • Defines location, model, status etc. 
  • Defines roaming 
  • Provides an overview to monitor and manage gateways

Gateway provisioning:

  • Enables gateway provisioning
  • Download gateway specific binary software
  • Gateway location parameters

Examples of additional features:

  • Enable / disable features
  • Gateway data stream tap