In order to create a new account you need access to the Admin Board by either using the /adme extension in the LORIOT server URL or by clicking on the Admin button in the left-side bar of the menu. Organization Admins and Server Operators can create new accounts by following these steps.

Log in to the admin interface. 

Select the Accounts menu and Invitations tab to invite a new account:

Configure the main parameters:

  • First and Last Name
  • Organization: Select the Organization
  • Profile: Pick any of the available Account Profiles (Read Only User, Standard User, Organization Admin, Server Operator)
  • Email of the new user

Configure the account limits:

  • End-Device limit - maximum number of devices the user can assign to their Application(s)
  • Gateway limit - maximum number of gateways the user can register in their Network(s). 
  • Multicast limit - maximum number of multicast devices a user can register
  • Output limit - maximum number of Application Outputs for a single Application. 

If you are an Organization Admin on one of our Professional Public Servers please keep in mind that you cannot increase a user's device limit above the available capacity in your organization.

Complete all remaining fields and select Invite user.

✔ The User will receive an email with a link to create the account. Once completed the system will automatically log into the user interface.

If you are an Organization Admin you will only be able to invite users to your own Organization.
You cannot invite users with a profile with more permissions than your own, e.g. an Organization Admin cannot invite a user with a Server Operator profile.