Here are two ways by which an Organization is created:

  1. Automatic creation when signing up for our Professional Public Servers by direct sign-up or by upgrading from the Public Servers.
  2. Manual creation on Private Network Servers.

Only users with Server Operator access privileges can manually create Organizations, however the steps to do so are very simple.

Log in to the Server Operator admin interface using the /adme extension.

Select the the "Organizations" tab on the left.

➜ Selecting the "Organizations" menu will display all the Organizations on the server, including the number of users and creation date.

Press the button Create new organization.

Fill in the fields to add the organization name, support details and a description. 

To complete the process, select Create organization.

➜ After the organization has been created, it is now possible to add or move accounts to the organization. 

The support email and name will be displayed when a Server Operator views a specific organization in the Organization menu.