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The definitions in this section are specifically in reference to LORIOT Network Server terminology.

Included is the most frequent and useful terms:

General Terminology

"Network Server" is all the components (network server, web server, database server etc.) required to run a LoRaWAN network.

"Gateway" is an antennas that receive broadcasts from "Devices", is connected to the LORIOT Network Server via the Internet and also send data back to "Devices".

"Device" is an object with computing power (sensors/actuators etc.) that can connect to a network and has the ability to transmit data.

"Uplink" a message from a "Device" to an "Application".

"Downlink" a message from an "Application" to a "Device"

"Network" is a collection of LoRaWAN gateways, and provide an efficient environment to monitor and manage gateways.

"Application" is a LORIOT software to register, manage and organize devices, plus configure the output destination for the device data

"Application Output" is used to define where a LORIOT "Application" should route your data, via protocols such as HTTPS/MQTT or full integrations with external IoT platforms like Azure IoT, Google IoT etc.

"Organization" is an isolated environment which contains "Users", "Admins" and their "Resources", no account contained in one organisation can access/read/write a "Resource" in a different Organization.

"Resource" is a "Gateway" or "Device"

Basic LoRaWAN Terminology 

"Frequency Bands" is an interval in the frequency domain, delimited by a lower frequency and an upper frequency. The term refers to LoRaWAN frequency bands and is typically set by "Regional Parameters".

"Regional Parameters" LoRaWAN has official regional specifications, called "Regional Parameters", these can be found in the LoRaAlliance Resource Hub - Specification section.

"Duty Cycle" regional frequency regulation that imposes specific duty-cycles (active signal time) on devices for each sub-band.

"LoRa Modulation" a way of manipulating a radio wave to encode information using a chirped, multi-symbol format. LoRa is a spread spectrum modulation technique.

"Data Rate" LoRaWAN uses a different configuration of frequencies, spreading factors and bandwidths to determine the "Data Rate", more details can be found in the Specification section

Account Profiles

"Server Operator" is the top account on a private network server with all available functionality on the Network Server.

"Organization Admin" is an account within an Organization which enables access to the Organisation Admin user interface.

"User" is a standard account with access to the user interface.

"Role" defines the capability of a user to make changes within their account and read/edit any "Resources".

Community Server Account Tiers

"Community Account" is a FREE Community Public Server account with connectivity included for 1 "Gateway" and 10 "Devices".

"Professional Account" is a commercial account with advanced features enabled such as REST API and SSH tunnel access.

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