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Dashboard layout

The landing page of the dashboard provides a general overview of your account. 


➜ On the left is the menu bar, you will see the Applications tab, this is where we create new applications and add devices.

Adding new devices 

First select the application where you wish to register the device. 

➜ Select the Applications tab and choose the application by clicking on the application name, highlighted in blue.

➜ Now we can select the option "+ Enroll Device" to add a new device.

➜ We have the option to add the device to the Application via different Enrollment Processes. 

OTAA (Over-The-Air-Activation) is the recommended option for most devices, but ABP (activation by personalization) is also available. 

➜ With the "Location" switch button a static position per device can be defined. 

➜ In order to register the device is the following fields are required:

  • Device Title (can be DevUI, Device model, your choice)
  • DevEUI - 64-bit end-device identifier, EUI-64 (unique
  • AppEUI - 64-bit application identifier, EUI-64 (unique)
  • APPKEY - AES128 Root Key (unique)

➜ Finally, Select "Enroll"

Device Information

Selecting "Devices" from the contents will display the newly added device(s): 


➜ Selecting the DevEUI will access the device details.

➜  Select LoRaWAN® Parameters, to display the device information, to view AppKey, NwkSkey, AppsKey and edit any parameters. 

Once you have added your device(s), the next step is to select the Application Output for the incoming device data. 

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