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Gateway Status and Latency

Uptime and Downtime pie chart

This chart displays how many days the gateway has been online and offline since it was registered. The pie chart is updated every 24 hours with the latest uptime and downtime information.


The Latency field describes the latency between the gateway and the networkserver. Every 10 minutes the networkserver sends a ping message to the gateway to check the latency of the network. The value in the dashboard displays the latest measurement.

Last Keep Alive

Displays the timestamp when the last ping message was sent to the gateway. Per default the ping is sent every 10 minutes.

Last Data

Displays the timestamp when the last LoRaWAN uplink message was recevied by the gateway. This involves any LoRaWAN message recieved by the gateway not just the messages from sensors registered at the LORIOT networkserver.

Last Connect

The "Last Connect" Field displays the timestamp of the last reconnect of the gateway.

Remote Time Offset

Displays the time difference between the server time and the clock configured on the gateway. This field is updated with every ping message sent to the gateway.

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