Gemtek Femto

Supported Firmware

The latest version is supported by the LORIOT Gateway Software.

Installation Steps

You will need SSH / SCP tools to perform the following steps (you can use Putty or WinSCP on windows, regular ssh/scp client or Putty on Linux and Mac).

  • The wired connection is by default setup as a WAN interface, and is firewalled. You will not be able to access it with SSH.
  • You need to connect to the WiFi interface of the box, the SSID of the network is printed on the bottom of the gateway's enclosure
  • Once connected, you should get an IP from DHCP, in the range. The gateway should be at
  • You should be able to ssh to the gateway as root@
  • You can use the /etc/init.d/firewall stop command to disable the firewall on the wired interface.

You might need to disable any pkt_fwd (packet forwarder) binaries that are running by default. Otherwise, the binary might fail to start or will only receive a subset of all the packets on the air.

After ensuring the above points have been  follow the steps as described in the Basic Installation section. 

You cannot use the wired interface for SSH. The gateway is by default setup as WiFi AP, you need to access it over WiFi.