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Setup guide

a) Log in to the Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Platform account required).

b) You might have an existing project, or you will need to create a new project. Copy the Project ID to the form below.

c) Navigate to the IoT Core service, on the bottom of the Products & services panel

d) A page called IoT Core | Device Registries should open up. Click on the link saying Create device registry.

e) Pick a Registry ID, and copy it to the form below.

f) Select a cloud region and copy its name to the form below (e.g. europe-west1).

g) Enable both MQTT and HTTP protocols

h) Create a new telemetry topic or select an existing one.

i) Do not add any CA certificates

j) Click the Create button to create the new device registry. You should be automatically navigated to the Registry details screen.

k) Click the Add device button.

l) Select one of your existing devices registered on LORIOT and use its DevEUI as the Device ID. Please make sure you to use only capital letters, without any delimiters.

m) In Authentication, select the ES256 key.

n) Follow this guide and generate an ES256 key pair.

o) Copy the contents of the ec_public.pem file to the Public key value on the IoT Core platform.

p) Copy the contents of the ec_private.pem file to the Private key field in the form below.

q) Click the Add button to create the device in the registry on the IoT Core platform.

r) Use the selected Telemetry Pub/Sub topic to retrieve your device data. We will also update the device state information, which you can follow in the device details in the IoT Core service.

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