RESTful interface, at the moment in a read-only model.

  • We send data by HTTP POST requests to a target HTTP URL.
  • At the moment uni-directional, but real-time interface
  • Needs a properly configured HTTP server on the user side
  • Has larger overhead compared to WebSocket or TLS socket

How to connect

Run a web server that accepts POST request on the URL you specified in the configuration.

If you use HTTPS protocol, your server needs to present a valid, not self-signed certificate.

If using plain HTTP, we cannot guarantee the privacy and authenticity of your data

Currently, we don't attempt re-deliveries of frames. Any frame not handled by your HTTP server will be lost.

Since the POST only works one way, you will need to generate separate POST requests to our server to send downlink messages.

You can use the URL https://[server name, e.g.]/1/rest to HTTP POST data.

The message you need to send is the same as the one described in the downlink API docs, but it needs to:

  • Include the "appid" in the JSON object as a 8 character hex string (instead of in the URL)
  • the authentication token needs to be provided in the Authorization header as 'Bearer YOUR_TOKEN', so e.g. 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN'.

HTTP PUSH Application Guides