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➜ Login to your dashboard (or create a free-tier account)

a) Create a new project.

b) Log into your LORIOT Account and after selecting IronMQ v1 within the application "Outputs" menu, copy and paste the generated Project ID into the corresponding fields. 

c) Pick a cloud to host the queue; our preference is AWS EU-West or Rackspace LON.

d) Create a new message queue in this cloud and this project called the same as your Application ID of your application.

e) In the 'My tokens' (API Tokens) interface, create a new Token (e.g.

f) Copy the token to the form on the Output page at your LORIOT Application.

g) The LORIOT server will POST the standard JSON messages in the body of the queued messages.

Your LORIOT application is now configured with IronMQ v1

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