Welcome to Version 6.0, our most ambitious update and upgrade to date, which includes exciting new features and performance upgrades on both the back-end and front-end of our network server infrastructure.

Version 6.0 is packed full of new features and component upgrades that have been built to support the next wave of scaled out LoRaWAN solutions.

With significant improvements to both the user and admin interface, and increased operator functionality, Version 6.0 provides significant improvements to the quality of life for network operators. 



 Improved MAC Logging

More colour coding has been added to the MAC Command log in order to better differentiate between Uplink and Downlink messages.

  • Uplinks are now coloured blue
  • Downlinks are now coloured grey

 New Login Window

The new login window for both the User Interface and Admin Interface has been improved to enable a high definition white label.

NEW Version 6.0:

The LORIOT logo can be replaced with a client logo to brand the server.

OLD Version 5.7:

 New Upgrade Menu

Users can now upgrade to Professional Public Servers within the User Interface, and take advantage of a 99.9% SLA, low-cost Connectivity Plans and a host of new Organisation Admin features.

 Timezone Independent Charts

Charts and statistics shown in the User Interface are now consistent and displayed in the user’s local time.

 Improved Account Details Page

Improved overview of the user account within the User Interface Accounts menu, such as a better overview of device capacity.

 Refactor of Tap into Datastream Page

The gateway tap functionality has been reworked and is now displayed in the User Interface without opening a new browser window.

 Device Transfer Between Applications

Users can now transfer a device between server Applications without having to remove and re-register the device. This ensures no restart or re-join is required and no interruption in service.

 User Application Log Browser Enhancements

The User Application Log has been enhanced with a time/date option to view a specific data period and two filter fields to show logs from a specific DeviceEUI and from a specific event type.

 New Device Profiles

Device Profiles is a tool to configure one or several devices with a pre-configured set of LoRaWAN™ parameters. Once you assign a profile to a device its parameters will be changed to match those of the profile.


 Organization Overview & Device Allocation Chart

Organisation Admins now have an improved Organisation overview page and can independently edit any details.

✔ With the additional Device Allocation Chart, device capacity allocation to users within the Organisation is clearly presented.

 Restructured and Improved User Invitation Page

The Server Operator and Organisation Admin invitation page has been updated with the latest profiles, and outdated entry fields have been removed. 

 Server Operator Log Browser Enhancements

The Server Operator Log Browser has been enhanced with a time/date option to view a specific period and a minor visual rework to better accommodate the new options.

 Improved Search Tool for Gateway, Application and Devices.

The Server Operator search tool for Gateways, Applications and Devices has been improved with new filter and search options, including new useful information displayed in the results.


 Virtual Networks for Multicast

Server Operators can now assign registered gateways to a Virtual Network and Multicast downlinks will be transmitted using only the gateways within a selected Virtual Network(s). Organizations on the server can be given permission to utilise Virtual Networks.

 RSIG Dataset Enhancements

Improvement in the logging of the RSIG field in V2 gateways.

 Keepalive to MQTT Output

Users can now set a value between 0 (default) and 60 seconds for the MQTT KeepAlive interval.

 ADR Refactoring

Updates to maintain Adaptive Data Rate support for all regions.

 Support for Multiple Channel Plans

Gateways with more than one LoRaWAN chip can now be assigned multiple channels

 Support for Multiple Antennas per Gateway

Gateways with multiple antennas are now supported; users can configure each antenna and assign channel plans independently.


 Editable Application Output

Application Outputs can now be edited from the User Interface in order to change output parameters

 Multiple Application Output of the same type

Users can now select multiple outputs of the same type for a single LORIOT application. For example, a single LORIOT Application can output data to two different MQTT end-points.

 Support for Professional Public Servers

REST API access for Users and Admins on all Professional Public Servers.

 Refactoring of Invoice Script

The Invoice Script has been reworked to better support multi-tenant structures; new columns with additional information have been added to the invoice.

LORIOT Gateway Software

 Support for Multi-Antenna Gateways

Gateways with multiple antenna configurations are now supported by the LORIOT Gateway Software

 Kerlink iStation

The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports the Kerlink iStation and this model has been added to the User Interface.

 Robustel R3000-LG

The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports the Robustel RG300-LG and this model has been added to the User Interface.

 Ursalink UG87 and STM Gateway Integration

The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports the Ursalink UG87 and this model has been added to the User Interface.


The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports the STM P-NUCLEO-LRWAN 2 & 3 and this model has been added to the User Interface.

 RAK 7249

The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports the RAK 7249 and this model has been added to the User Interface.

 Multitech IP67 V2

The LORIOT Gateway Software now supports the Multitech IP67 Version 2.1 mCard. and the radio font-end v2.1 can be selected in the User Interface.

The LORIOT team is very excited to bring you version 6.0, and we look forward to continuing to deliver further updates, improvements and new features!


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