Welcome to the LORIOT Public Roadmap for the LoRaWAN Network Server in 2020.

Q1 - 2020

  • Advanced Network Measurement Application
  • Gateway Dual Radio Support
  • Configurable Gateway Alarms
  • Spreading Factor - History per Device
  • Multi Application Output of the same type
  • Gateways/Devices Server to Server migration
  • RF Scanner for Gateways
  • Vendor Gateway Management System Integration for Tektelic and Kerlink

Q2 - 2020

  • LoRaWAN Load Balancer (inSwitch)
  • Hardware failure alarms for gateways
  • Full passive Roaming implementation
  • Advanced Reseller functionality (Sub-Organisations)
  • Azure and AWS Marketplace Installer for a Networkserver Instance

Q3 - 2020

  • Duty Cycle Alarming for Devices
  • Device Decoder
  • Advanced Billing System
  • Gateway roque message filtering based on NetID

Please bear in mind that this roadmap is an indication of the features that are going to be implemented, but there is no guarantee on the time frame and the extent of the functionality