Installation Steps

The Gateway can be managed from the Laird web interface and can be used in Packet forwarder mode or LORIOT mode. 

The Laird gateway is a closed system so the LORIOT gateway software cannot be installed directly, and SSH access is also blocked.


To use Loriot mode on public servers please do the following:

Login to the Laird webUI

Select LoRa from the top menu bar

Select Forwarder from the left sidebar

Select Loriot forwarder in the Mode drop-down:

On the info section on the left side please check if:

  • Gateway Connected is true
  • GWEUI is correct
  • Region code is correct
  • Mode is correct

Please check if the gateway turns online in LORIOT, and make sure the MAC is registered in only one LORIOT public server as the WebUI will scan through the servers and connect to the first server it finds the corresponding MAC address. 

Packet Forwarder Mode

The Semtech Packet Forwarder is also an option to connect the gateway with any LORIOT Server. 

Please be sure to add as Semtech Packet Forwarder in the LORIOT Server. 

In the Laird WebUI, select the Forwader menu and then "Semtech Forwader"

In the Network Server Address, enter the correct LORIOT Server URL and use PortUp/Down as 1780:

Confirm the gateway is now online in the LORIOT UI. 

Supported versions