The Admin Dashboard grants Organization Admins and Server Operators the ability to manage users and their respective resources.

This interface also offers a quick overview of Organization-wide logs for Organization admins and server-wide logs for Server Operators and other resources like available Virtual Networks.

Accounts overview

Log in to the admin dashboard to gain an overview view of the the newly created accounts.

 Select the Accounts menu and select a user account, this will display the account Information.

Any Organization Admins can invite, monitor and manage all users only within their organisation.

From this menu you can edit a user's details, change their account status, change their account profile and edit their resource limits.

If you are an Organization Admin on one of our Professional Public Servers please keep in mind that you cannot increase a user's device limit above the available capacity in your organization.

Resource Ownership

Ownership of a public/private Network or Application is determined by account that first created the resource. 

To check if an account is the owner of any resources, select the account within the Accounts menu in the admin interface. 

Any resource owned by the account will be displayed in the Gateways and Applications section:

Number of Gateways:

Number of Applications + Devices:

Other accounts (exception Read-only) can edit public Networks and Applications, but they do not have ownership.

This is important because it restricts a user who does not have ownership of a resource toggling the visibility to "visible only to me".

Transfer Resources

It may be necessary to transfer resources (and ownership) from one account to another.

Currently only a Server Operator can transfer resources from one account to another within an organisation.

To transfer the resources, log in to a Server Operator account.

Select the account within the Accounts menu and select "Transfer resources to another account"

From the drop down menu, you can select another account within the organisation to transfer the resources.

In order to transfer a resource, that resource must be private and "visible only to me". If required, log in to the account and toggle the visibility option.