The recommended method of using the MultiTech AEP gateway with the LORIOT Network Server is to register the gateway as Multitech Conduit mLinux and use the mLinux installer.

The gateway will be fully functional, although this fact won't be reflected in the AEP user Interface.

✘ Injection through the latest user AEP interface is no longer supported.

Please also note that since MTCAP 5.2.X/MTCDT 5.2.X, nothing can be executed in /tmp directory. You first need to copy to another directory e.g. /var/config/home/admin and execute the downloaded file from there.

Supported Firmware

Version 5.x.x. is supported by the LORIOT Gateway Software.

Register the gateway

Log in to the MultiTech web interface and stop all running processes in the LoRaWAN menu.

Log in to the LORIOT Network Server user interface and when registering the gateway select the MultiTech Conduit mLinux version (not AEP). 

Configure the options to select: LoRa mCard 1.5, SPI and Single card only:

Run the LORIOT Gateway Software

Select the newly registered gateway and navigate to the Software menu: 

Run the installer commands from the Downloads section:

Please note that in Version 5 OS user handling was changed and you have to use sudo for running the install script.

Once installed please check in the LORIOT user interface the gateway is online.

Please note that the URL will match the server you have registered the gateway, e.g. - / /

Runtime notes

The gateway binary is designed to be completely self contained, and not to modify the filesystem in any way. 

After a successful start, the gateway process will daemonize and run in background.

In some cases, the binary might fail to start, the last message saying:

ERROR:Version of calibration firmware not expected, actual:[SOME VALUE] expected:[OTHER VALUE]
ERROR:lgw_start failed

You might be running an incompatible version of the binary

In this case, just restart or power-cycle the gateway and try again.