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➜ Multicast enables sending the same downlink to multiple devices at the same time.

Hardware checklist

In order to use multicast there are important hardware prerequisites:

✔ The gateway must support GPS synchronization
✔ The devices must be able to support multicast (Class C)

Multicast checklist

Please check these conditions before sending a multicast message:


✔ All the gateways involved should be connected and show the status "Online" in the LORIOT User Interface. 

✔ GPS antenna is connected to the gateway, and the antenna is positioned so that it has a clear line of sight to the sky. 

✔ GPS data should be received by the gateway; typically, this can be checked if you SSH to the gateway and read the port where the GPS data feed arrives and the data should be visible if it is processed by the OS.

 All gateways required to send the Multicast downlink should be assigned to the Virtual Network you wish to use. 

✔ The multicast device should be created/registered in the Application you are using.

 When you create multicast device please make sure that the Preload you set is the lowest ms value possible e. g. 1. See:


✔ Channel plans should be the same on the multicast device and gateway.

✔ Please make sure the date & time is synced in every component of the network.

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