Supported Firmware

The latest version is supported by the LORIOT Gateway Software.

Register the gateway

Please follow the initial steps covered in the Register a Gateway page before proceeding. 

Web Setup

 Create an account at and activate your gateway at

Once activated, go to, select your Gateway and scroll down to the Application section. Select the LORIOT Agent, then apply the changes.

The CloudGate automatically downloads the required updates and perform a few reboots, then it will connect to LORIOT automatically.


Advanced Gateway setup

There is an option to manually set some features of the Gateway.

To do this, you will have to connect the Gateway to your computer directly with an Ethernet cable, and go to the Admin Interface at

  • The username and password are both admin by default. 

On this screen you can modify various device/network preferences, that fit your use case.

If the Gateway is connected to a Router which acts as a DHCP server, then you can set up the Ethernet port on the Admin Interface at like this: 

You also have to set the WAN  LAN firewall policy to Accept on the Admin Interface, to be able to access your Gateway while it is connected to your Router:

SSH Access

If you would like to SSH into the Gateway, then you will have to use admin as the username, and your Web config password.