Installation packet contents

The Semtech Packet Forwarder is a software component provided by Semtech as part of the IoT Starter Kit. The source code can be found at GitHub. We do not provide the binary, source code, nor specify the hardware it should run on.

We support both the version 1 and version 2 of the protocols. Note we only provide the absolute minimum compatibility layer, and do not implement the full protocol. We do not provide confirmations of the UDP frames.

Configuration Steps

You will need to adjust the following parameters in the global_conf.json or local_conf.js file

server_address Adjust according to the server used (eu1,ap1,cn1,au1)

gateway_IDEUI generated from MAC according to IEEE Guidelines, see the conversion mechanism below

MAC to EUI conversion

  • Retrieve the MAC address of your eth0 interface
  • Add FF:FF between the first three and last three bytes
  • Remove the colons
  • Make all HEX digits capital


aa:11:22:33:44:55is the MAC of your device
aa:11:22:FF:FF:33:44:55is the mac after extension with FF:FF
aa1122FFFF334455without colons
AA1122FFFF334455after capitalization

Final file example

Final global_conf.json or local_conf.js file

"gateway_conf" : {
  "gateway_ID": "AA1122FFFF334455", /* change according to your MAC address!!! */
  "server_address" : "", /* replace eu1 with ap1, cn1, ... */
  "serv_port_up": 1780,
  "serv_port_down": 1780,

  "keepalive_interval": 10,
  "stat_interval": 30,
  "push_timeout_ms": 100,

  "forward_crc_valid": true,
  "forward_crc_error": false,
  "forward_crc_disabled": false