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The LORIOT Network Server is at the core of an Internet of Things solution. Secure, scalable, carrier-grade network connectivity for your valuable IoT data.

The LORIOT Network Server has built-in penetration tested security, and our enterprise-grade network infrastructure enables the operation and management of IoT networks.

With proven reliability and scaling, we ensure the secure connectivity for thousands of gateways, millions of devices and the routing of critical data.

Our core business is the installation of enterprise-grade Private LoRaWAN Network Servers for professional clients who require the most secure, robust and scalable LoRaWAN™ network server available. 

Depending on the requirement, we can install our network server as a managed or unmanaged service, in the cloud or on-premise and we are specialist at installing a wide variety of systems. 

For more information on the LORIOT Private Server models and pricing please contact us at or submit a contract request <here> and we will get back to you!

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