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Professional LoRaWAN Network Servers with a 99.9% SLA, built-in redundancy and new accessible features to manage and scale a secure LoRaWAN Network. 

Unlimited Gateways & Messages provides the freedom to build out your IoT network! 

✔ Full-featured LoRaWAN Network Server

✔ 99.9% up-time guarantee

✔ Unlimited Gateways

✔ Unlimited Messages

✔ Organization - multi-tenant team environment


✔ 4 plans from 100 up to 2500 devices 

✔ Low latency worldwide servers

The Professional Public Servers have been designed and engineered for the needs of professional users to scale from small networks to large deployments. 

Unlimited gateways and messages with 4 plans that enable your solution to start, build, grow and scale! All this for a clear price, without surprises.

Bring your solution to market with low operating costs, without major investments and the support of a professional LoRaWAN Network Server. 

✔ Teamwork, Security, Performance, Reliability, Flexibility and Growth.

We provide 4 plans that range from 250 devices to 2500 devices; sign up through your Community Server account using the "Upgrade" menu.

If you would like to find find out more and get started you can also contact us at 

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