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Dashboard Layout

This is the landing page of the dashboard which provides a general overview of your account. 


➜ On the left-side bar, we have among other option the Networks tab to create new networks and add gateways.

Add a new gateway

In order to register a new gateway there are two options.

a) If you have only one network, e.g. the Sample network, simply click on the green tab Register a new gateway directly from the Dashboard.

b) In case you want to add the gateway to a specific network proceed to the Networks tab and click on the blue high-lighted name of the network:

➜ Now add a new gateway to the network by clicking on the green button labelled + Add Gateway


➜ On the bottom half of the page a list of gateways will appear, select the relevant gateway model by clicking on its picture:

➜ To register the gateway, we must introduce the eth0 MAC address of the gateway and its location:


➜ We have now successfully added a new gateway to the Network.

Gateway Information 

To access the gateway information page, select the gateway by clicking on its name from the network page:

➜ Within the gateway display, we can view all the relevant details for the gateway.

➜ To view LoRa packets coming via the gateway select "tap into data stream" button. 

➜ Up-time, status, identification and parameters information is all displayed

➜ Listed in the left-side bar is the software section from which you can download the corresponding gateway binary. 

LORIOT Gateway Software

For the gateways to be able to connect to the server and forward sensor data, the LORIOT gateway software binaries must be running. 

Vendors may pre-install the LORIOT binary or integrate them into their software (e.g. the Lorix One Gateway).

In case the LORIOT gateway binary software need to be installed, you can find more about the proper procedure for your gateway model in the section LORIOT Gateway Software.

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