Supported Firmware

The latest version is supported by the LORIOT Gateway Software.


In order to connect the Robustel R3000LG you will need the LORIOT LNS Connector App provided by Robustel;

Select “Contact us” and request the lastest LORIOT LNS Connector App.

Robustel will then provide the LORIOT LNS Connector APP for your gateway and a step by step guide to connect it with a LORIOT Network Server (also available here:

Private Network Server Configuration

Configuring the Robustel R3000 LG for a Private Network Server requires a few changes to the standard steps described in the Robustel guide for the LORIOT APP configuration

On page 5 of the guide, it instructs you to enable both settings below and enter custom fields using your Private Server URL.

Please be sure to replace these fields with the following: 


The server URL for example

Gateway Software URL

The URL of the LORIOT gateway binary for the Robustel R3000 which is already configured specifically for your Private Server. 


Please edit the "Gateway Software URL" with the correct URL:  https://[Private_Server_URL]/home/gwsw/loriot-robustel-r3000-SPI-0-latest.bin

Please ensure none of these settings are enabled and remove any entries in the available fields. This may cause conflict with the General Settings for LORIOT as configured above.