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✔ LORIOT supports a feature called SSH tunnel service.

➜ With this, a gateway owner can connect to his/her gateway from anywhere when LORIOT Packet Forwarder is running.

➜ If the error message says that gateway is disconnected then please use the restart button on the gateway dashboard to restart LORIOT Gateway Software and try the below commands again!

If the SSH Command and token isn't shown in the dashboard it either means that the feature is deactivated on your server or that you need to generate the token first. This can be achieved in the Account dashboard in your LORIOT account.


You can find the unique command for your gateway at the gateway dashboard (see image for reference):

➜ Here is an example:

ssh -o "ProxyCommand proxytunnel -v -E -p -d -H 'Bearer: c07f0378-6812-444b-be1e-f9eaea9876ce'" root@localhost

 root is the user name on the gateway which you normally use. if it is not root then you must change it to an appropriate name. 

➜ Usual error messages:


/bin/bash: line 0: exec: proxytunnel: not found
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

 To fix this, you need to install proxy tunnel package.


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ HTML

  To fix this just run the command which the error message recommends.


Putty version

Please copy the contents of next to putty.exe (usually c:\Program Files\putty folder)

➜ In Putty, go to Connection / proxy in the menu and set the following parameters:

Proxy type: Local

Proxy hostname: loriot

Port: 22

Do DNS name lookup at proxy end: Auto

Telnet Command or local proxy command: proxytunnel -v -E -p -d -H 'Bearer: c07f0378-6812-444b-be1e-f9eaea9876ce'

Important! This line was copied from the example above, you need to copy this section from gateway dashboard.

➜ Go to Session in the menu and set the following parameters:

Hostname: loriot

Port: 22

Connection type: SSH

Cygwin version

➜ Install Cygwin from

During installation you can select packages which should be installed.

At a bare minimum you will need:



➜ When the installation finished, please start Cygwin terminal and read this guide's LINUX section for making a connection 

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