To turn the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) into a powerful reality, you need an IoT solution purpose-built for your use case. The thingsHub platform is designed for rapidly implement your IoT solutions, with the ability to scale securely from the cloud to the edge.

Server Connection Process

  1. Perform the following tasks in the LORIOT dashboard
    1. Create a new API Key
    2. Record the associated Application ID
    3. Ensure that the Output verbosity is set to "gateway ID", at a minimum
  2. In thingsHub, create a new IoT connection, which will include the LORIOT Server API Key and Aplication ID

Connect to a LORIOT Network Server

Go to your LORIOT Network Server dashboard (e.g. and log in to your account

Go to Account > API Keys and create a new API Key


  • It is strongly recommended to add a comment to the key, such as the domain name of your thingsHub tenant. Doing so will make it much easier to identify the key in the future, for example when you need to revoke the API Key
  • You will need to enter the API Key in thingsHub as described below in step 5 

In the LORIOT dashboard, navigate to the Application that will be connected to thingsHub and record its Application ID


  • You will need to enter the Application ID in thingsHub as described below in step 5.

In the Applications page in the LORIOT dashboard, ensure that the Output verbosity is set to contain at least the gateway ID. Otherwise thingsHub will not receive any data if the Output verbosity is set to Disabled.

Open your thingsHub Tenant, go to Tenant Settings > IoT Network Connections, and then click on New Connection. In the Connect to IoT Network dialog, enter the name, network connector (Loriot), server, App ID (from Step 3, above), and API Key (from Step 2, above) per the below parameters description table. Then press the Connect button. The new network connection will first be validated, and if successful, it will be created.


NameThe display name of this Network Connection
Network ConnectorChoose LORIOT

The name of the LNS to connect to, e.g.

App ID

The ID of the Application to connect to. This is a string that looks like BE010203.


The API key used for authentication. The account with which this API key was generated must have access to the above application. You can generate an API key in the Loriot Dashboard on the Account page.

(Note that the LORIOT Network Connector requires an API key, not an application access token. This is because the connector must be able to use the REST-API for registration/de-registration and sending downlinks, not just receive uplinks through the application.)

Auto Register New Devices From Network (Server)

Set this toggle switch to false if you want to manage the device on your network server via the thingsHub. Set this to true, if there are already devices registered in this application or if you want to manage the application manually.

If this is set to true, any device that’s already registered in the application will show up in the thingsHub automatically, when it sends data for the first time since creation of the Network Connection.