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LORIOT Gateway Software

    • JSON based protocol over TCP
    • Single outgoing HTTPS connection (port 443)
    • TLS v1.2
    • Optional standard certificate-based mutual authentication
    • Easy to setup on any type of network
    • Network failover (e.g. 3G / 4G to Ethernet and back)
    • Full remote control from dashboard
    • Full remote configuration from dashboard
    • Remote access via SSH tunnel
    • Self-updating, maintenance free operation
    • GPS synchronized multicast downlink
    • Advanced downlink planning and queuing for maximum downlink capacity
    • Advanced uplink queuing for zero data loss and scale-out during lost NS  connection
    • Can poll local sensors and operating system parameters
    • Can monitor CPU, RAM and storage usage
    • Support for legacy USB-based radio front-ends
    • Support for both v1.x and v2.x LoRa gateway hardware

Basic Packet forwarder

    • JSON-based protocol based over UDP
    • Complicated to setup for firewalled environments
    • No security
    • No authentication
    • No encryption
    • Difficult to use with small MTU network
    • No persistent connection
    • Very difficult to get any accurate connection stats
    • Requires a complex firewall logic to make scalable
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