LORIOT's Spectral Scanner allows a network operator to see the radio environment their gateways are operating in. This feature is available on all our servers, and allows for the periodic surveillance of the ISM band to build a picture of the occupancy and usage of the band. 

The spectral scan information can be used to identify interference issues on specific sites, to inform the selection of frequency selection ahead of a gateway deployment or, in the case of smaller private networks, navigate an existing channel plan and deployed end nodes out of busy portions of the spectrum. 

**Please consult with your gateway manufacturer to see if your gateway supports spectral scans as not all gateways are created with the necessary hardware.    

The Spectrum Scanner is available in the LORIOT User interface:

Enter into your user account.

Choose the Gateway you would like to scan. 

 In the left side panel choose Spectral Scan.

Choose the frequency range you would like to scan.

Click “Start New Scan”