Supported Firmware

Version 4.1.2. is supported by the LORIOT Gateway Software.

Installation Steps

Please visit

After register or logging in to the portal, please select the Knowledge Base menu.

Follow the instructions found in FAQ for the gateway model. 

3G/4G Backhaul 

The Tektelic Kona Macro can be connected via Ethernet or via the in-built 3G/4G-Modem. 

In order to connect via Ethernet simply plug in the RJ45 cable connected to your LAN and the Kona Macro will automatically connect to the internet.

To enable the 3G/4G connectivity please follow these steps:

Open the case and insert the SIM card in the slot. Make sure the SIM card is fixated into place and there is no wiggle room, otherwise the SIM may fail to register. Reboot the gateway.

Use Tektelic's Kona Field Tool to check the status in the tab "Wireless Modem", the line "Sim Status" should show "SIM PIN".

Connect via SSH to the Kona Macro and type in the console -c "AT+CPIN = $$$$" replacing $$$$ with the PIN for your SIM card.

To make sure the modem is connecting type into the console ip -a | grep wwan0 and compare the results. The wwan0 interface should be connected with an IP.

Go to the folder /usr/bin/ and edit the file by adding the line from step c) just above the line exit 0 at the end of the file.

Reboot the gateway.

Log in to the LORIOT user interface and check your gateways status. 

Your Kona Macro should now be able to automatically connect to the LORIOT server.