Installation Steps

Open attached file global_conf.json and modify field "gateway_ID": "xxxxxxFFFFxxxxxx" where xxxxxxFFFFxxxxxx is the GW MAC address (can be read from the label attached at the bottom of the GW)

Using SCP, copy global_conf.json into the /etc directory

Copy attached file lora_pkt_fwd into the /etc/init.d directory

Using any terminal (e.g Putty) connect to the GW and write the following commands:

  1.   /etc/init.d/station disable
  2.   /etc/init.d/lora_pkt_fwd enable
  3.   /etc/init.d/lora_pkt_fwd start
  4.   /sbin/reboot

After the reboot, the GW is restarted and must automatically start the Lora packet service. To check if the service is started, open again Putty and check:

- ps | grep station

The result must be a single line, referring to the ps command itself

- ps | grep lor

The result must have a couple of lines, one related to the ps command, and one to the running service

LORIOT Configuration

Add a new Gateway:

 Select the Semtech Packet Forwarder:

Now enter the MAC address: