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Installation - Community Network Servers

Installation ➜ The WIFX LORIX One gateway has a built-in script which handles different cloud providers' packet forwarders.

✔ The LORIX One supports the LORIOT Community Servers out of the box. 

✔ Our binary is pre-installed at /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot.

To connect the gateway on the Community Network Servers simply follow these steps:

a) Log in to the User Interface and select or create a Network

b) Select Add a Gateway and select the LORIX One.

c) Enter the Gateway eth0 MAC address, location and select Register LORIX One gateway:

d) Connect your LORIX One gateway to the internet and it will connect to the server and show its status as Online.

✔ The gateway is now connected to the server and can start routing LoRaWAN device transmissions. 

Migrating the LORIX One to the Professional Public Server

➜ For the Professional Public Server, the gateway must be re-configured:

a) Run the installer script found on the dashboard

b) Edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw

c) Replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt

d) Replace OPTIONS... with OPTIONS="-f -s <PPS address>"`cat $RUNDIR/options`

e) Save and exit

f) Restart the gateway

Installation - Private Network Server

➜ For private servers, the gateway must be configured to connect with LORIOT in five simple steps:

a) Run the self-extracting installer found on the dashboard as described in Basic Installation

b) Connect to the gateway via SSH and edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw

c) Replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt

d) Save and exit

e) Restart the gateway

Further documentation on the LORIX One gateway can be found in the user manual which can be downloaded at

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