LorixONE Web UI

LORIX ONE allows users to log in to LORIXMANAGER Web Interface for Network Server configuration

From the main Dashboard, access LoRa forwarder status:

Users are able to check the status of the LORIOT's Packet Forwarder, stop, start or restart it:

Scrolling down on the same page, the Network Server configuration can be edited and users can choose from 3 different options:

Auto: The forwarder will automatically select the LORIOT Network Server where the gateway is registered

Manual: Users can manually choose from available LORIOT Network Servers

Custom: Users can specify their own private, or any other, LORIOT Network Server

Legacy methods

Installation - Community Network Servers

The WIFX LORIX One gateway has a built-in script which handles different cloud providers' packet forwarders.

The LORIX One supports the LORIOT Community Servers out of the box, and the LORIOT Gateway Software is pre-installed at /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot.

To connect the gateway on the Community Network Servers simply follow these steps:

Log in to the User Interface and select or create a Network.

Select Add a Gateway and select the LORIX One.

Enter the Gateway eth0 MAC address, location and select Register LORIX One gateway:

Connect your LORIX One gateway to the internet and it will connect to the server and show its status as online.

The gateway is now connected to the server and can start routing LoRaWAN device transmissions. 

Migrating to the Professional Public Server

For the Professional Public Server, the gateway must be re-configured:

Run the installer script found on the dashboard.

Edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw

Replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt

Replace OPTIONS... with OPTIONS="-f -s <PPS address>"`cat $RUNDIR/options`

Installation - Private Network Server

For private servers, the gateway must be configured to connect with LORIOT in five simple steps:

Run the self-extracting installer found on the dashboard as described in the Basic Installation section.

Connect to the gateway via SSH and edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw

Replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt

Save, exit and restart the gateway.

Further Documentation

Further documentation for the LORIX One gateway setup can be found at