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Wifx's Lorix One gateway has a built-in script which handles different cloud providers' packet forwarders. Lorix One supports LORIOT's public servers out of the box.
Our binary is pre-installed at /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot.

Installation steps (private servers only)

For private servers, the gateway must be configured to connect with LORIOT in five simple steps:1.

  1. Run the self-extracting installer found on the dashboard as described in Installation
  1. Connect to the gateway via SSH and edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw
  1. replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt
  1. save and exit
  1. restart the gateway
Further information about Lorix One gateway can be found in its user manual which can be downloaded from

Migrate gateway from public server to PPS

  1. run the installer script found on the dashboard
  2. edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw
  3. replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt
  4. replace OPTIONS... with OPTIONS="-f -s <PPS address>"`cat $RUNDIR/options`
  5. save and exit
  6. restart the gateway