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This Section contains initial basic information to create a new Application.

After Completing these steps please see the Application section for more details on network configuration and features.

What is an Application?

Applications are simply where we register, manage and organize devices and select the output destination for the device data.

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When adding a new device(s), it is assigned to an application, this informs the server of the application your device(s) are registered within and the details of your chosen data output.



As long as the total number of devices doesn't exceed the user's account limit, any number of devices can be added to an application no matter the sensor type or manufacturer.

Typically, an application will contain all the devices of a specific use case (e.g. all sensors in a smart building) or devices of the same type (e.g. temperature sensors).

General definition:

  • A group of end-nodes
  • Defines ownership of end-nodes & end-node data
  • Defines where to data is forwarded
  • Controls access to data
  • Controls verbosity of data & enabled features

End-node provisioning:

  • Generate end-node personalization data
  • Enroll existing DevEUI
  • Import OTAA device
  • Import ABP device
  • Bulk import in CSV / JSON

Examples of additional features:

  • Enable / disable features
  • Data Output configuration
  • Device management
  • Event logging
  • Data download
  • Application Logs
Device Profiles