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Public/Private Networks & Applications

Networks and Applications within an account can be toggled to be "visible to all organisation users" within the same organisation or "visible only to me", and read/write is only enabled to the account which created/owns that resource.

➜ It is important to note that when a Network/Application is made "Visible to all organization users", any Organisation Admin or Standard User can also read and write the Network/Application by accessing their own account.

➜ Please be sure not to make any Network/Application "Visible to all Organization users" if you don't want other users within the Organization to have read/write permission.

✘ Read-only users can read the Network/Application but cannot write.

Organization Admins can view all private Networks/Applications within any Organisation account by viewing/accessing the user account through the admin interface.

Public Network

Log in to a Admin or Standard User account and select "Networks ➜ New Network"

➜ Fill out the required information and select "Create new network". 

✔ When creating the new Public Network be sure the box "visible to all organization users" is ticked.

➜ Now select the newly created network to bring up the network overview page:

Displayed is the network details including the Visibility details.

➜ To change the network to private select the "Configure ➜ Change visibility  Accept".

✔ The Network and any gateways added will now be visible to all accounts within the Organization.

Private Network

➜ When creating a private network follow the same process to create a network making sure the "visible to all organizations" box is not ticked. 

✔ The new network will be "visible only to me" and private so no other accounts in the organisation will have read/write permissions. 

Public Application

Log in to a Admin or Standard User account and select "Applications➜ New Application"

If required, once the Application is created we also have the option to change the Application from "visible to all organisation users" to "visible only to me"

Private Application

➜ When creating a private Application follow the same process to create an Application making sure the "visible to all organizations" box is not ticked. 

Read-Only User Visibility

A public Network/Application is readable to a Read-only account but not writable. 

➜ For example, a Read-only user can view but cannot create/write a Network or Application: 

➜ When a Read-only user attempts to create a new Application/Network:


➜ Viewing the details of a Network or Application is possible but all configuration options are greyed out. 

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