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✔ Gateway logs can be found in the /var/log directory or can be checked by running the LORIOT Gateway Software with -f

LORIOT Gateway Software log -f

➜ To check the the binary log please do the following:

a)  SSH into the gateway

b) Check the running LORIOT processes:

ps ax | grep loriot  # this will list background running LORIOT processes

ps ax | grep pkt  # this will list possible background running packet forwarder process


c) Kill the background running LORIOT processes

kill <PID> # kill PID until there is only one process in the list


d) Go to LORIOT directory on the gateway

cd /user/lrt


cd /opt/lrt


e) Run LORIOT agent manually

./loriot-gw -f


If required as part of a LORIOT Support Ticket please send us the console output.

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