In this page we try to answer your account based questions. If you can't find an answer to your question below, please use the support link in the top navigation bar.


The Free account on the Community Server allows you to connect unlimited Gateways and 30 Devices.

Update your account to the Professional Public Servers to increase your capacity and benefit from professional services such as a 99.9% SLA and Admin features. 

Private Network servers have no gateway or device limitations, please contact us at for more details. 

Please follow the steps provided in Basic Installation.

More details for the specific installation process for your gateway can be found in LoRaWAN® Gateway Guides.

Log into your user account and select Account from the menu bar on the left, and finally, press the edit button next to Email:

How to manage your Payment Details on the Professional Public Server (PPS)

To add a Payment Method, update your Credit Card Details or manage your Subscriptions on the Professional Public Server (PPS), simply follow these easy steps:

Go to

Login to your LORIOT Professional Public Servers Account.

On your Dashboard click on Account.

After being directed to your Account Details, click on MANAGE PLAN stripe in the blue box on the bottom of the page.

You will have multiple options on how to manage your plan on the following page.

Update or Cancel your PPS Plan

To update your Subscription to a higher lever or cancel your PPS Plan click on Update plan or Cancel plan on the right hand side of the page and follow the next steps.

Manage your Payment Method

To add a Payment Method or update your Credit Card Details click on the existing Credit Card Details and change them or click on + Add payment method and follow the next steps.

Update your Billing and Shipping Information

Click on Update information to change your Billing Information or Email address.

Download your Invoices

Click on the according Invoice to download and track your Invoice History.