Wifx's Lorix One gateway has a built-in script which handles different cloud providers' packet forwarders. Lorix One supports LORIOT's public servers out of the box.
Our binary is pre-installed at /opt/lorix/clouds/loriot.

Installation steps (private servers only)

For private servers, the gateway must be configured to connect with LORIOT in five simple steps:

  1. Run the self-extracting installer found on the dashboard as described in Basic Installation
  2. Connect to the gateway via SSH and edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw
  3. replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt
  4. save and exit
  5. restart the gateway
Further information about Lorix One gateway can be found in its user manual which can be downloaded from https://lorixone.io

Migrate LorixOne gateways from public server to PPS

  1. run the installer script found on the dashboard
  2. edit /etc/init.d/loriot-gw
  3. replace RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot with RUNDIR=/opt/lorix/clouds/loriot/lrt
  4. replace OPTIONS... with OPTIONS="-f -s <PPS address>"`cat $RUNDIR/options`
  5. save and exit
  6. restart the gateway